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Ant's how do they get in?

Ant's builds nests in the ground or trees and plants, they then forage for food leaving pheromone trails that reach whatever food source they find. From there they continue their search and in allot of instances they find our homes! A perfect source for continuous food if allowed to keep hanging around and provided they have food source. Like mentioned before they will continue looking for other food in the home or establishment and that is usually when an infestation is first noticed.

They get in through broken seals, cracks in foundation, opened doors and windows, eaves, attics and the list go on and on. They can squeeze in through tiny cracks and gaps they are very sneaky and will surprise you! These unwanted house guests can also be very persistent as well!

Some ants are easier to control than others. But for example, pharaoh ants can be extremely difficult to control. They tend to Bud off (break away from other ants and create another colony) when they are being treated. When this happens the numbers multiply as they break off. This is why it is important to identify what kind of ant is being dealt with and with proper and swift control pest elimination is guaranteed. There are many different approaches to control there is not a one approach fits all option. Ants may prefer one kind of bait over another, chemical control can be repellent based or non-repellent based. Quick and effective control is very important and requires a pest professional to make sure the issue does not grow and become an even bigger invasion!

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Picture from Evergreen Professional Pest Control ants attracted to bait. Successful control and elimination of ants in a home.

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